Prices and rules


Period Price per week
01- 21 December 2010 € 300,00

22 December 2010 - 04 January 2011

€ 400,00
05 January - 31 March 2011 € 300,00
01 - 10 April 2011 € 400,00
11 April - 30 May 2011 € 350,00
01 - 30 June 2011 € 450,00
01 - 31 July 2011 € 500,00
01 - 31 August 2011 € 550,00
01- 15 September 2011 € 450,00
16 September - 30 November 2011 € 400,00


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Booking and entering the Holiday House imply acceptance by the Guest of the present Conditions. Guest cannot ascribe to Notte & Dì the consequences of his/her ignorance of the present Conditions. The person signing the booking form and to whom we will head the Voucher will be deemed responsible for the rent.

General terms 

The Holiday House has been described in the most detailed and specific way, with a lot of photos. Because of it's a private house, it has been furnished according to our personal taste and the local traditions: it's important that Guests appreciate this characteristics, in order to enjoy the holiday and, above all, that they understand our request of respect and take care for the house and the objects it contains.  Sometimes eventual peculiar differences from the houses they live, may be cause of inconveniences for the Guests, but, since they are due to the special nature of its architecture and traditions, cannot be accepted as complaints. 

The listed prices are on weekly basis and are applied relating to periods indicated in the prices column. The minimum stay period in the peak season is 7 days with arrival and departure on monday. Stays which coincide with both peak and low season will calculated on a day basis for each respective period. Prices  have been fixed considering the house on the whole, but we reserve the possibility to reduce them according to the number of people and the presence of children. Reduction in price for long stays are admitted. In this case children 0-3 years old stay completely free, 3-6 years old pay the half rate. For stays inferior to 3 days we apply daily prices. In august we reserve the right to accept reservation of 2 weeks at least. The week of Mid-August  must be booked, except different signalling, together with the next or the previous one. If the house is booked by 2 people, is available only the double (matrimonial) bedroom. If they are 3, one bedroom (the double one) is not available to guests.

Booking can be made through telephone, via fax or email (using the contact-form). As booking confirmation, in the next 3 days the Guest has to send a deposit equal to the 20%  of the total rental fee, or the booking will be cancelled. Payment shall be made through postal order and from abroad only through Paypal. If Guests cancel the booking, for whatever reason, the deposit cannot be refunded.

A Turist Voucher will be issued after receiving the deposit and it will include the address and the instructions to reach The Holiday House Girasole and our telephone numbers as well as the numbers and names of Guests. The Voucher is strictly personal and valid only for the number and tne names of people indicated (children and new-born ones included). Bookings cannot be accepted from young people under the legal age of 18. The number of people (adults + children) occupying the Holiday House must not exceed the number of Guests declared in booking and, however, the maximum agreed which is 6 people. Any substitution or addition of person during the stay is forbidden, unless previously agreed. We can refuse access to the over-number person/s.

Alterations to the booking (transfer the booking to other persons, difference in the number of Guests or of the period of stay) must be required to us, that reserve the right to accept or not the request, according with the availability of the house and will communicate to Guests the terms of acceptance, in addition to alterations charge.

Guest have to pay cash and in euro currency a security deposit, that will be refunded at the end of the holiday, less any deduction made for damage caused to the property or for the additional costs  payable at the end of stay. We can refuse access to the property if Guests do not want to pay the caution money or the balance. The client must advise immediately the owner of any damages. If a security deposit is not requested. The Guest is nonetheless responsible for any losses or damages caused to the property or its contents during the holiday. If Guests decide to leave the property prematurely, and it is not possible to check the conditions of the home, we are authorised to refund them the deposit by post (less any deductions for damages or any additional expenses) and only after having checked the house.

The basic price includes: self catering, kitchen linen and start cleaning. In case of disclaims by the Guest for inadequate cleanness, no refunds is due but eventually a new cleaning of the Holiday House, after our check. 
Every bed (1 doubles e 4 singles)  is provided of pillow and bedspread. Bed linens and towels are personal and must be brought by Guests. Gas, water and electricity costs are not included and will be charged as extra. The same will be for other costs such as bed linen or towels hire service and the final cleanings (30€), that must be paid at the end of stay. The Holiday House is lighted above all with energy-saving lamps and it has water-saving tap inserts that reduce the flow and save up to 70% of water.

The balance price and the security deposit must be payed from the Guest in cash, directly at arrival, when the keys are handed over to him/her. Cheque are not accepted. Arrival shall take place from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (for different hours contact us via email or phone us). The rent will terminate no later than 9:00 a.m. on the day of departure, in order to give us the necessary time for cleaning the house before the arrival of other Guests.

No refund will be made if Guests, for whatever reason, decide to leave the property prematurely or in the event of late arrival. This case generally gives no right to prolong the stay further than the expected time of departure, but we reserve the right to consider the request.

Holiday House Girasole is not liable for possible accidents, robberies, damages to people or objects only in reason of their happening within the property.

Since the Holiday House will be handed clean and tidy and in good working order, the amount of 30€ due for the final cleaning does not however include the cleaning of the kitchen corner, the emptying out of fridge and the removal of rubbish which are the Guest's responsibility. The Guests must leave the property normally clean and well tidy, with the kitchen perfectly clean and tidy and without rubbish. They have to put in order and at the right place, the pieces of fornitures moved during the stay, that however cannot be used in a way different from their are used for. If this has not been done, we are obliged to charge an additional expense in addition to the amount due. 

We reserve the right to have free access to the property for essential maintenance purposes (hosing and settlement of plants and flowers in the terrace, etc.. or in case of no good behaviours of the client and his/her householder. In case of failures, the Guest must advise us as soon as possible: according with the failure and the availability of technicians, we will provide to the repairing in a reasonable time. 

Important notes

To avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, waste or complaints, it is preferable to indicate in advance the existence of one or both of the cases reported in note.

The presence of a stairs to enter the house, may represent a possible difficulty for people with motor deficiency.

The information shown in the leaflet regarding structures in Polignano a Mare and in the other localities (transport, shops, restaurants, museums, archeological, cultural, storical, geographical places, events and festival, etc.) have been supplied by third parties, therefore it is possible that any changes will not be communicated to us. The supply of water, gas and electricity can be subject to interruption or there can be builder’s yard: in these cases, and for adverse weather conditions, we can not be held responsible. We also can not be held responsible for noises due to the other joint owners,  or due to the market of Thurday.

Pet friendly booking

 Your dog can settle in with you, so kindly bring your dog’s food and water bowls, bedding and a leash. Please do not allow your dog on any carpeted areas, lounge furniture or beds. We would appreciate your collecting any pet’s droppings, sealing them in a plastic bag and disposing of these in a public bin. If you leave the house without your dog during your stay, kindly ensure that your dog is secured and happy as we do not wish to upset our neighbours by its fretting or wandering. Before departing our house at the end of your stay, kindly use the vacuum cleaner to remove any residual dog hair. Final cleaning cost in case of pets is 50€.


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