Annual appointments


  • Polignano Cycling (April) 
    Rally and folk walk, cycling between the streets of the town with the usual excursion to reach the Abbey of San Vito.
  • Fair Holy Cross (May 3)
    It is the oldest fair in the city and exhibites articles of handicrafts and various kinds.
  • Feast of the kite (2nd Sunday of May)
    On the
    seafront Grotta Ardito, children aged 6 to 90 years librano their kites, in this spring appointment established in 1962.
    Since 1985 is a reason of a twinning with  San Miniato (
    Pisa), which hosts a similar event.
  • Feast of San Vito Martyr (June 14 to 16) san vito martire
    From 14 to 16 June of every year it is held in Polignano a Mare the Feast of San Vito martyr, the patron of the city, whose cult is linked to legendary translation of the relics in 801 by the princess Fiorenza, from Basterna, to the mouth Sele, to Port Mariano, the current village of San Vito.
    Polignano recalls the event with an impressive procession to the sea in which the Holy carried on an altar float, leads the faithful in a procession of boats and torches from S. Vito Abbay to the little port of Cala Paguro. After passing over waters below the country, including fireworks shows and bands, the patron receives from the Mayor the keys to the city initiating the procession which ends in Piazza dell'Orologio where, with a machine stage, the effigy of the Holy ascends in triumph in a spectacular Baroque altar. During the three days of festivities in the squares and among the ways of the town,the entire community is involved in a series of religious, cultural, recreational and gastronomic events. The popular devotion, documented by the many votive, is explained by the presence of two relics, a fragment of bone of the knee and an arm bone, considered sources of miraculous healings, are preserved in the Matrice Church, brought to procession during the feast. The veneration for S. Vito is so stronger that has to San Vito the large community of polignanesi residents in San Paulo, Brazil, children of those who, at the beginning of'900, following a common destiny to the nations of the South, furrowed the Ocean to chase the American dream.
  • Polignanese Summer (June-September)                                                                                                                                                                Summer is gladdened by pressing a lots of events and meetings of music, art, theatre, cinema, folklore, sport and a thousand other things that enhance the enchanting corners and squares of the historic center, cooled by the perfumed. sea breeze. 
  • Summer Cineclub - Arena Vignola (June-September)
    Recognized room d'essai by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, offers a daily programming of films marked by the Committee for the spread of Film Art and Culture.
  • World Cup of Diving
    Annual meeting with athletes from all over the world that, from a platform
    25 meters high, on the bastion of Santo Stefano, hover in the air.
  • Sagra of fish (in August)
    On the great terrace of Grotta Ardito, an encounter with the smell and taste of the sea between fried and grilled fresh fish.
    An evocative scenario, with beautiful high cliff on which stand the houses and lodges in the historic centre, which are reflected in the sea.
  • Feast of SS. Cosma e Damiano (2nd week of August)
    The three days of feasting, between faith and folklore, have the fulcrum in the evening of Sunday Mass and the traditional procession involving thousands of faithful.
  • Targa Crocifisso (2nd Sunday of September)
    Born in 1950, is a national race for amateur cycling takes place at Circuit Caves, with departure and arrival in Polignano. At Classicissima of South participated samples of the calibre of Francesco Moser, Maria Canins and Vito Taccone.
  • Feast of Jesus Christ (3rd Sunday of September)
    It is focused on the procession along the streets of the village Vigne and the celebration of outdoor masses in front of the wooden crucifix from which it takes its name the feast, that come back a genuine pleasure between rural succulent roulades and delicious dishes.
  • Christmas Triptych
    The Christmas and new year holidays constitute the opportunity for a programme of initiatives, ranging from culture to art, from tradition to gastronomy, with the possibility of visiting the terracotta crib, communal property, made by craftsmen of Grottaglie.


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