Art and Culture

Polignano a Mare has the following museums and ateliers:

Center Museum Laboratory of Paletnology

Born from the agreement between the University of Bari (chair of Paletnology) and the City of Polignano a Mare, recently extended also to the archaeological Superintendence for Apulia of Taranto, it promotes seminaries, conventions; it exposes, in permanence, finds coming from the near archaeological sites of Santa Barbara, Mortara Zupparello and Madonna di Grottole (above all ceramic fragments of preistorical age - approximately 3000 sporadic pieces - among which a big part of Serra D'Alto type with red-orange). In the museum is also active a restoration laboratory.

Address: Pino Pascali Palace, Via Mulini

Telephone Number: 080-42.49.239 - 080-57.14.089  fax: 080-42.43.238



Il Museo comunale d'arte contemporanea di Polignano a Mare

In the homonymous building, situated over the Marquesal arc, the Museum is a communal property and it takes advantage of financings publics from Region of Apulia region, City of Polignano a Mare, Province of Bari. The artistic direction of the Museum has been entrusted to the cultural Association Zelig in the person of the president, prof. Rosalba Branà.

The Museum was born in 1988 and was inaugurated with a great anthological extension of Pino Pascali, edit by Achille Bonito Oliva and Pietro Marino, in occasion of the 30th anniversary of his death, 1968. (Pino Pascali was born in Polignano in 1935 and here he is buried).

Pino Pascali (the only museum of stable contemporary art in Apulia) divides its activity in three parts: the temporary extensions, the permanent collection and the Pino Pascali Prize.

Near the Museum it is, moreover, visionabile and consultabile, for reserchers and students of the artist, the Pascali Archives, formed with all the documentative material, bequest of the family Pascali: theatral and television scenographies, the biobibliographical archives, thesis of study, manifestos, books, book reviews, resign press, photographies, original filmography, relics. 

Address: Palazzo Pino Pascali, Via San Vito n. 40

Telephone Number: 080 - 42.49.534  fax: 080 - 42.42.463


For further information visit the web-site of museum:


 Polignano: una chiesa piccola :: a very small church

Exposures in the ex Santo Stefano Church (from jume to september)

The former Santo Stefano Church, located in the medieval village, accommodates, during summer, personal and collective extensions of modern art, with works of famous artists of national level.


Peppino Campanella's Atelier - Workshop

Gained in an old oil-mill, with a spectacular terrace on Lama Monachile, one of the most evocative view of the sea and landscape of Polignano a Mare, it's here that Peppino Campanella has the wonderful idea and form luminous objects, like lamp-sculptures, realized by hand with a technique consisting in assembling dulled and lapped splinters of glass, fixed with the pond. Peppin Campanella, an artist appreciated also to international level, demonstrates moreover a vocation of art-designer, since the atelier from the aspect of a wunderkammer, accommodates works of art and complements of furnishings of other artists, characterized by manual and handicraft work. Among these art-works the scultore of clay or bronze by the Argentine Herman Mayer, the sculptures in recycled iron by Simone Bellotti, the paintings by Giuseppe Teofilo, Niki Carmosino and Tony Prayer.

Address: Via Conversano n. 7

Telephone Number/fax:
Mob.: 335.67.26.257


For further information visit the web-site of the artist:


Miki Carone's Contemporary Art Studio "Atelier Blu"

Inside of the ancient San Vito Abbey, in room that in the past was the cells of Benedictines Monks, Atelier Blu is a laboratory and a expositive space, open the public, where works born, are executed and exposed, like in the ancient Italian medioeval and rinascimental tradition of the artist shops, recently resumed by some American famous POP artists. In Atelier Blu Miki Carone also creates mosaics on a commission basis to insert in furnishings and inner and external architectures. Miki Carone, moreover, executes portraits on a commission basis with an original technical of photo-painting of his own invention.


Indirizzo: Abbazia di San Vito

Telephone Number: Cell. 347.97.02.344


For further information visit the web-site of the artist:

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